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Calzone or Calsone  
With a baked or fried dough as the outer wrapping that covers ingredients cooked within, this food item is often considered to be a form of a baked sandwich. Basically made as a stuffed pizza, Calzones begin with a round and flattened piece of dough topping with a variety of savory contents. Ingredients such as meat, cheese, herbs, spices, vegetables, and pizza sauce are all placed onto a circular, oval or rectangular pieces of dough. The dough is then folded over and sealed around the open edges, forming a half moon shape, an oblong shape or a rectangular shaped pie. As the Calzone bakes or fries in oil, the filling plumps up a bit, stretching the dough so that it resembles a stuffed pocket. Originating in the Naples region of Italy, Calzones have now become a popular food item throughout the world. In the Middle East, the Calsone as it is referred, is made with an egg dough and filled with cheeses that are combined with a mixture of eggs and spices.