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Stuffed Beef Rolls - Recipe

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Cut steak in 6 pieces, combine cheese, onion, celery, parsley. Place 1/4 cup mixture in steak squares. Save 1 cup of cheese mixture.

Roll meat and put tooth picks to hold roll together. Roll in 1/2 cup flour, salt and pepper. In skillet slowly brown meat in hot oil.

Drain off fat. Combine beef broth and dry mustard add to beef rolls. Cover and simmer 45 minutes. Add reserved cheese mixture to skillet simmer 15 minutes more.

Remove meat skim fat. Blend together 2 T. flour and 1/4 cup water, stir into pan juices cook stirring until thickened. Pour over rolls.

-2 pounds beef round 1/2 inch thick
-4 ounces sharp cheese shredded
-1/2 cup chopped onion
-1/2 cup chopped celery
-1/4 cup flour
-1 teaspoon Salt
-1/4 teaspoon pepper
-1/4 cup parsley
-2 tablespoons oil
-1 can beef broth (10 ounce can)
-1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
-2 tablespoons flour
-1/4 cup water