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Easy Mostacelli - Recipe

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In a large frying pan, fry ground beef, onions, and drained mushrooms until browned. Drain grease. Cook pasta according to box. Add the jar of spaghetti sauce to hamburger mixture and simmer for 10 minutes on low heat. Drain pasta. In a large baking dish, cover the bottom with spaghetti sauce mixture. Layer with pasta and mozzarella cheese. Repeat, ending with sauce on top. Bake covered for 30 minutes at 375. After 30 minutes, add layer of mozzarella cheese and bake uncovered for 15 additional minutes. Makes approximately 6 servings.
-1 pound Ground Beef
-1 can Mushroom Pieces, Optional (small can)
-1 onion, diced (small)
-1 jar spaghetti sauce
-1/2 box Rotini Pasta
-1 package mozzarella cheese