Recipes - print - Yakiazkana No Ankake (Fish with Vegetable Sauce)

Yakiazkana No Ankake (Fish with Vegetable Sauce) - Recipe

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Cut up carrot, slice and dice in short strips. Boil carrots in water. In skillet, boil salmon pieces in water until done. Add 1/3 cup sake to salmon to remove fish smell.

Soak shiitake mushrooms in water until soft (1 hour). Slice mushrooms in thin strips after soaking. Boil 1 bunch of cellophane noodles in water until done, then strain. Mix the soaked mushrooms and cooked cellophane noodles with cooked carrots in 4 cups of basic broth. The thicken sauce, mix 1 tbsp cornstarch with 1/2 cup water. Gradually add cornstarch mixture to sauce with 1 tsp. salt, 2 tsp. sugar and 4 tbsp sake. Cook together, add 1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce and a small amount of MSG. Remove salmon from skillet when done, spoon vegetable sauce over poached salmon, sprinkle frozen green peas on top for decoration. (Vegetable sauce should be a translucent light yellow sauce in color). Slice lemon in quarters with rind on and place next to salmon for decoration.

-1 Salmon (large pieces cut up into individual service sizes)
-1 carrot
-1 bunch Cellophane Noodles
-5 Shitake mushrooms
-2 Kamaboko (fish cakes)
-1 package frozen green peas (for decoration)