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Cooler than Classroom Chalk - Recipe

For kids ages 7-12. This is better than the chalk they have at school, because you make it yourself!
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Cooler than Classroom Chalk Recipe

1. Seal one end of cardboard tube with foil.


2. Mix water and food color in a medium bowl or disposable plastic container. Add to plaster of Paris to make a "pudding" consistency. Stir until the mixture starts to thicken. Work fast!


3. Stand your cardboard tubes on end (on wax paper or foil.) Pour the mixture into the tube.


4. When firm, peel off the cardboard. Any cardboard left on chalk can be rubbed off with gloved finger or scraped off with knife blade.


5. Dry overnight. Go out to your sidewalk or driveway, and start drawing!

Test Kitchen Tips:

  • Plaster of Paris may be found in Arts & Crafts supply stores.
  • Make one tube of chalk at a time and store in an airtight container.
  • Use a full squeeze bottle of food color for each tube of chalk for vibrant, lasting color.
  • Wear latex gloves and protective clothing to avoid staining.
  • Don't put excess down the drain! It will clog pipes.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
- Toilet paper or paper towel tube, cut in half
- Wax paper or foil
-1/2 cup water
- McCormick® Assorted Food Colors and Egg Dye
-1 cup plaster of Paris