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Grilled Asparagus - Recipe

There is nothing like asparagus to remind us of Springtime. Keep it simple, and you will get the best rewards from your asparagus and your GrillGrates.
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Grilled Asparagus Recipe
  • Snap the bottom of one stalk of asparagus. It will break just at the tenderest part of the stalk. Use this as a measurement to trim all the other stalks with a sharp knife. OR
  • Leave the stalks as they are, asparagus can be served as finger food in an appetizer course.
  • Brush or mist with olive oil, or leave natural.
  • Keep an eye on these delicate shoots, they should grill in approximately 5-6 minutes on your GrillGrates.
  • After grilling, you may drizzle melted butter over asparagus just before serving. (Optional)
  • Place asparagus on preheated (5-8 minutes) GrillGrates on Low-Low/Med heat. For charcoal grill, wait until peak red hot coals cool to all gray. LID DOWN. Grill for approximately 3-4 minutes, lid down, then scoop and turn with The GrateTool, grill for another 2 minutes. Keep an eye on these delicate shoots, they should sear and show a few brown marks when done.
-1 bunch of asparagus (yield 4-5 portions)