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Championship BBQ Pizza - Recipe

Straight from the MacDaddy BBQ Event on the Planet- The KC Royal National Championships! I want to say thank you to my new friends at The Kansas City Barbecue Society the official sanctioning body for competitive barbecue cook-offs and a lot more. I had the good fortune to get to know them as I grilled pizzas using some of the best championship pulled pork and sauces!
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Championship BBQ Pizza Recipe
  • Lightly spread olive oil on the bottom side of the MamaMary's Crust. Spread sauce first, then add pork and finally sprinkle the cheese.
  • Grilling
  • Grill at medium to medium high heat- 400F at grill surface. Too hot and the crust will blacken too much
  • Grill 8-10 minutes max- LID DOWN
  • After 3 minutes use the GrateTool to peek at the sear marks on the bottom of the pie and quarter turn the pizza. If sear marks are dark black- your grill is hot
  • Check again in 3 minutes quarter turn and see how well the cheese is melting
  • Use the GrateTool to transfer the pizza to a cutting board

  • Now you know what to do with that leftover pork, chicken, brisket etc. Make a championship barbecue pizza!
- gourmet thin & crispy pizza crust
-1/2 cup of pulled pork
-1/2 cup of your favorite barbecue sauce
-1 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese