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Sizzling Marinated Salmon - Recipe

GrillGrates and salmon are an ideal combination! Explore a variety of marinades and sauces that you can baste right on the grill without fear of creating flare-ups as the sauces hit the flames. Instead juices sizzle just beneath the salmon adding more flavor and juiciness.
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Sizzling Marinated Salmon Recipe
  • Place salmon in a bowl and cover in marinade either just before grilling or place together in a re-sealable bag for a few hours ahead of time
Grilling Instructions:
  • Pre-heat Grill and GrillGrates to medium 400F at the GrillGrate surface, 300-350F on the hood temperature dial
  • Wipe down GrillGrates with a paper towel
  • Wipe vegetable oil on GrillGrates if they are dry
  • Place filets on GrillGrates (ok to be direct over charcoal- which is nice- just keep the heat undercontrol)
  • Grill for 8-10 minutes total or to desired firmness
  • 3-4 minutes and turn with The GrateTool- observe the sear marks to make sure you are not cooking too hot ( dry black is char)
  • Baste topside with marinade- observe the 'sizzle effect'
  • Grill 3-4 minutes (you can quarter turn every 2-3 minutes for excellent cross hatch)
  • Check Salmon to see if moist and flakey
- Salmon Filets
- Marinade, We like RIKKI's Gourmet Soy Ginger Dressing and Marinade