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Great Homemade Kahlua - Recipe

Add a touch to coffee, ice cream, etc. Add vodka for a White or Black Russian!
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  • Bring coffee to a boil in Dutch oven or large pot. Gradually add 2 lbs. light brown sugar and return to boil, stirring constantly. Let cool until room temperature. (Add up to 1 cup of ice to cool faster and place pot in sink of cold water).
  • When completely cool, add the vanilla and 190 proof Clear Springs/Everclear. It is ready to serve.
  • (I like to fill the Clear Springs/Everclear bottle first and put away to age for special occasions. Most people who try this like it much better than the recipes with vodka.)
-1 12-cup pot very strong coffee (chocolate flavored is best)
-2 pounds light brown sugar
-4 tablespoons vanilla extract
-1 bottle 190 proof Clear Springs or Everclear