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Portabello Paradise - Recipe

Portabello Mushrooms caps topped with buffalo mozzarella, beefsteak tomato, and basil.
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Clean mushroom caps, remove stem. Allow to dry on paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible. When mushrooms are dry, (you can pat them dry with paper towels), brush olive oil on both sides. Grill mushrooms cap side down for about 5 minutes, then turn over and grill another 5 minutes.
When a bit soft, turn the mushrooms over, cap side down, place tomato slice on, and then the mozzarella. When Cheese is melted remove mushrooms from grill, sprinkle with sweet basil, and enjoy!
Depending on your grill heat, and type of grill, we grill our mushrooms on medium heat on the top rack, not directly over flame. You want to cook them until they are "al dente"...not super soft so they break apart, but just soft enough that you don't need a knife to cut it. It's easy; you will get it really quick!! Mmmmm
-4 each Portobello mushrooms
-4 slices fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese
-4 slices beefsteak tomato
-4 dashes basil
-4 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil