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Chocolate Mousse Dessert - Recipe

Creamy, chocolate dessert for that special Valentine or for someone special anytime of the year. Don't forget about the kids; they will love this creamy smooth dessert also. Chocolate Covered Strawberries is another great recipe for Valentine's Day.
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Chocolate Mousse Dessert Recipe
  • Blend mousse according to package directions
  • Using individual serving cups or glasses. Fill 1/2 full with mousse. Put layer of crushed cookies then another layer of mousse.
  • Top with whip cream, sprinkle with crushed cookies.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Container: 4 small glasses or bowls, large mixing bowl
Servings: 4
Serving Size: cup
-2 4/5 ounces box of chocolate mousse mix
-2/3 cup milk
- 20 chocolate graham sticks or wafers, crushed
-8 ounces tub cool whip