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Chee Chee Cocktail - Recipe

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In blender mix and well: Coconut and 1 can lemonade then pour in large glass or Tupperware container and add pineapple juice and other 2 cans of lemonade. Place in freezer. This mixture will form a slush.

To mix a cocktail by the glass: Mix 3 T. of slush to 8 oz. glass of 7-up.

Optional Liquor: The rum or vodka may be added to the entire mixture and frozen, but you may want to add the liquor as desired. Bottoms up!

-3 cans frozen lemonade concentrate (12 ounce canss)
-1 can unsweetened pineapple juice (46 ounce can)
-1 can cream of coconut (15 ounce can)
-4/5 quart vodka or rum (optional)
-4 litres 7-up