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Super Nachos 2 - Recipe

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Brown meat in skillet; drain. Add seasoning mix and water; bring to boil then reduce heat and simmer 15-20 minutes; set aside. Spread bean dip to cover 12-14" pizza pan; sprinkle with cheeses; top with meat mixture; add chilies. Broil 5-7 minutes or until cheese bubbles and is lightly brown. Around edge of pan arrange a border of lettuce, then tomatoes, then chips. Place a mound of guacamole topped with sour cream in center.
-8 ounces lean ground beef
-1/2 package taco Seasoning
-1/2 cup water
-1 can jalapeno bean dip (10 1/2 ounce can)
-1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
-1 tablespoon chopped green chilies
-1 cup shredded lettuce
- chopped tomatoes
-1 package flavored tortilla chips (8 ounce pkg)
-1/2 cup guacamole OR use Glendas Hot Dip recipe