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Simple Pan Gravy - Recipe

This is a gravy recipe that can be made from the pan drippings of most any type of meat. It can be adjusted for any quantity.
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Simple Pan Gravy Recipe
  • Reserve all the pan drippings from cooking whatever type of meat you are preparing. Use the pan that the meat was prepared in so that you are sure to get all the caramelized pieces that are in the bottom.
  • Separate the fat from the drippings; discard fat and return drippings to the pan.
  • Mix flour thickening by combining 1 cup of flour to 1 cup of cold water, or in any 1:1 proportions. Combine in a container with a tight lid. Shake vigorously until the flour and water mixture is smooth.
  • Add the potato water to the drippings and begin heating over medium high heat.
  • Begin to gradually add the flour and water thickening, making sure to stir vigorously as you are pouring it in to prevent lumps from forming.
  • Continue to add thickening until the gravy is the desired thickness. You may not need all of the thickening or if gravy isn't thick enough you may have to mix more. You want the gravy to be the desired thickness before it begins to boil, otherwise it is difficult to add the thickening without creating lumps in the gravy.
  • Be sure to bring the gravy to a complete full boil before serving.
  • Taste test the gravy to check flavor. If it needs extra flavor, add chicken bouillon for chicken, turkey or pork gravy; add beef bouillon for beef gravy. You can also add a gravy mix packet for extra flavor. Salt to taste.
Note: Using the potato water from boiled potatoes is best because it will add flavor. If you don't have potato water you can use chicken broth, beef broth, or plain water.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
- Pan drippings
- Flour (equal portions to water)
- Water (equal portions to flour)
- Potato water (reserved from boiled potatoes)
- Optional: chicken bouillon, beef bouillon, gravy mix, and salt