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Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich - Recipe

An easy grilled sandwich that is perfect for a quick weeknight meal. On those busy nights it is nice to be able to serve your family a hot and hearty sandwich without spending too much time in the kitchen.
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Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich Recipe
  • Place a layer of ham on one slice of bread.
  • Add a layer of cheese and cover with another slice of bread.
  • Generously butter one side of the sandwich.
  • Place a skillet over medium-high heat and allow to heat up.
  • Add the sandwich to the skillet, buttered side down. While the sandwich is being browned on the first side, generously butter the unbuttered side while it is in the skillet.
  • When the first side is nicely browned flip the sandwich over and brown the other buttered side.
  • Once both sides are browned, remove from the skillet, cut in half and serve.
  • Continue to make as many sandwiches as needed to serve your family. You can cook more than one sandwich at a time if the skillet is large enough.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
- Whole Wheat Bread
- Virginia Deli Ham - sliced or favorite deli ham
- Colby Jack Cheese - sliced