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Champ (Irish Potatoes) - Recipe

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The best way to prepare the potatoes is to cook them in a steamer and then pass them through a food mill. Alternatively, boil until soft but not mushy, drain and return them to the heat to dry somewhat before mashing. In any case keep hot.

Chop the scallions finely, both green and white parts, and cook for 5 minutes in the milk. Beat this mixture into the mashed potatoes until smooth and fluffy, season to taste.

Serve a large mound on each plate with a good knob of butter melting into the top. Each forkful is dipped into the melted butter as it is eaten.

-12 potatoes, peeled (medium)
-2 bunches scallions (spring onions) (small bunches)
-3/4 cup Milk
- Salt and pepper
-2 tablespoons softened butter per person