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Slow Cooker Ham 3 - Recipe

Slow cooked ham that is moist and flavorful without any fuss. You won't want to go bake to baking your ham in the oven after trying this simple but delicious slow cooked ham recipe.
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Slow Cooker Ham 3 Recipe
In a large slow cooker, spread about 1 cup light brown sugar on the bottom of crock. Rub the remaining brown sugar on top of ham. If using pineapple slices, add to top of ham and secure with toothpicks. You can add some of or all of the left over pineapple juice to crockpot if you wish. Cover and cook on low for 5-8 hours or until center portion of ham reaches 160-degrees. Make sure thermometer does not touch bone. Slice and serve. Don't worry about not adding water; it will create its own juices. If using spiral slice, check and baste often. It will cook somewhat faster than other varieties of ham, since it's already sliced.
-1 1/2 cups light brown sugar (divided)
-5 pounds whole, rump, shank or spiral slice ham (ready to cook)
-1 can pineapple slices (optional)