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decadent reeses peanut butter oreo fluff
I am going to a weiner roast tonight and needed to come up with something quick and easy. I love the traditional Oreo Fluff type desserts but wanted to do something a bit different. I love both chocolate and peanut butter and this is what I came up with. This is the perfect dessert for the chocolate and peanut butter lover! It is light and fluffy yet rich and decadent! Oreo' s, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Cool Whip...What's not to love!
steamed chicken with lemon basil wrapped in banana palm leaf
Indonesian cuisine. Any feedback will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
renees simplified caldo verde
how to cook a burger on the grill
You can learn how to cook a burger on the grill by going through this recipe. There are many recipes on how to cook a burger on the grill but this one is different from all as you do not need to know a great deal about cooking. All the recipes for how to cook a burger on the grill can show a way to make a burger but to get the perfect one you need to be patient and improve gradually with practice.
how to cook tomahawk ribeye steak
Learn how to cook a ribeye steaks. Today I am going to show you how to grill a Tomahawk ribeye steaks from Chicago Steak Company Cooking Recipe episode.
cheesy meatballs
A delicious meal you can serve as sandwiches or a dinner meal.
almond payasam
Any dish made using almonds is unfailingly rich, quite befitting royalty! keep the spices such as cardamom to a minimum in this recipe, so as to highlight the creamy, soothing texture and flavour of almonds. Authentic Badam kheer (sweet almond dessert) made the south indian way omits cardamoms and nutmeg and uses a pinch of raw camphor and saffron (both added after the kheer is removed from the fire) instead. But if you do not find raw camphor, fret not; just go ahead with this recipe as it is!
great pumpkin dessert
A seasonal treat that does not last through the first evening.
corn casserole
Quick,easy and very good.
lemon basil chicken
Simple tasty recipe.
the great and awesome float
A delicious treat that everyone will enjoy.
diabetic icing
Diabetic German Chocolate Cake Icing
chocolate tiramisu cake
Who doesn't love tiramisu but add in chocolate cake and you'll have a new favorite! Delicious down to the last bite. Perfect for those coffee lovers.
peppermint chocolate truffle cake
A little bit of the holidays with a creamy truffle middle. The peppermint adds just the right touch to this sinful cake.
fresh asparagus salad
I work in a produce department of a health supermarket and many times am given produce for a weekly sale or ready to be overripe fruits and vegetables, this is when I'm asked to work a "miracle" and create a dish to sample out for customers. I would like to share some of these quick and unique recipes.
crockpot chicken barbecue
Excellent and easy chicken barbecue recipe for the crockpot.
strawberry smoothie
Ingredients included in this recipe are strawberries , light strawberry yogurt, Crystal Light lemonade.
blueberry sauce topping
Use on pancakes and ice cream.
baked zucchini
Ingredients included in this recipe are zucchini , butter , onion - small, flour , Dash of pepper, Paprika, Sauteerne wine.
kitkat bars
Layers of crispy sweetness.
ham noodle surprise
A casserole with ham and noodles along with plenty of other ingredients to please your taste buds.
hamburger and potato casserole
An easy throw together casserole that has everything for a complete meal.
boiled mackerel or mackerel preserves
Ingredients included in this recipe are mackerel, cleaned and washed, cut into mid-sized chunks, salt, pepper, water.
loaded meatloaf
These individual meatloaves have something for everyone. Green peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheese, and a variety of seasonings provide these meatloaves with a load of flavor.
spinach salad
Ingredients included in this recipe are salad oil, white wine vinegar , sliced red onion, dried leaf basil, to 3/4 tsp. salt, ground black pepper , thinly sliced mushrooms.
Top 250 userrecipes found
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