Marinating Turkey

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Marinating turkey can be done in order to add flavor to the meat as well as to tenderize it. The proper combination of acidic ingredients and seasonings should be maintained in order to achieve both.
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Soaking a whole turkey or turkey parts in a marinade is a good method for adding flavor as well as tenderizing the meat. A proper marinade should contain an acidic ingredient such as vinegar or wine, oil such as olive oil, and seasonings such as herbs and spices. Citrus fruit juices may be used instead of the vinegar or wine to provide the acidic ingredient that is necessary to soften the tissues of the meat.

There are several important points to remember when using a marinade. Consider the following:

  • Quantity: It may not be possible to completely cover a whole turkey with the marinade, but several inches of liquid should be added to the container so that the turkey can be turned occasionally, allowing all portions of the turkey to benefit from the marinade. Turkey parts or slices of breast or thigh meat should be completely covered with the marinade.
  • Soaking Time: Turkey parts require only a couple of hours marinating time, while a whole turkey should be soaked in the marinade for several hours or overnight.
  • Refrigeration: Always marinate turkey in the refrigerator.
  • Proper Containers: Since the marinade contains an acidic ingredient, reactive containers such as metal bowls should not be used. A large glass bowl is the best container to use, but large plastic bowls may also be used. Large plastic bags that can be sealed are ideal for marinating turkey parts.
  • Reuse: The marinade should not be reused for any other purpose because of the bacteria that may be present from having been in contact with the raw turkey.

Simple Steps for Marinating Turkey Meat

The oil, acidic ingredient, and seasons are added and combined in a glass bowl.

The turkey pieces are added to the marinade.

The bowl is covered and placed in the refrigerator. The turkey slices shown in the picture at the right should be allowed to soak for a couple of hours. More time is required for larger turkey parts or for a whole bird.


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"This is an interesting article but I wished they would have included what ingredients they used and how much of each. I guess I can search for a recipe and follow the steps in this article."
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"I don't know about marinating a whole turkey but I have done turkey tenderloins before and they were really good. This article has a lot of good info to get you started."
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"I am just making a turkey breast because it will just be me and my boyfriend with a couple of friends. I found a marinade recipe I want to try but wasn't sure what to do with it. This information gives me a little better idea of what I have to do."
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