Beef - Miscellaneous Cuts

Miscellaneous Cuts

Some fresh beef cuts or scraps are ground, rolled, tenderized, cubed, or sliced in food stores or meat markets into various products that add convenience for the consumer.

Ground Beef, Bulk Packages

The label on a package of ground beef may say ground chuck, ground sirloin, or ground round based on the part of the animal from which the meat has been obtained. A package that just says ground beef, indicates that the meat may have been taken from several areas of the carcass. (In order to be labeled ground beef, the product must be at least 70% lean.)

Ground Beef, Patties

Ground beef is also formed into patties and packaged in various quantities. The patties are usually sold frozen.

Rolled Steak

Large steaks are sometimes rolled and tied and used as an oven roast. Occasionally, stuffing is placed on the steak before it is rolled. After roasting, the steak is untied and sliced. Rolled steaks that are already rolled, stuffed, and tied are available in most food stores.

Minute Steak

A minute steak is boneless, very thin, and is usually scored and pounded to tenderize it. Various cuts can be used for a minute steak, but most often it is a thinly sliced piece of boneless sirloin or eye of round. Because of its small size, it usually requires only a minute per side to cook, using high heat.

Stew Meat

Fresh stew meat is usually taken from the tougher cuts because the stewing process tenderizes the meat. The best stew meat is from the chuck because it is very flavorful.

Kabob Meat

Beef for kabobs can be purchased that has already been cut into the appropriate sized chunks, which are ready to assemble onto skewers.


Complete beef kabobs can also be purchased, which consist of alternating pieces of marinated beef and vegetables that have been inserted onto skewers and are packaged in various quantities.

Beef Strips

Beef can be purchased that has been cut into strips for convenient use in stir-fry recipes.

Chine Bone

The chine bone is another name for the backbone. It is usually cut from market ready cuts such as rib roasts and is then discarded. It can be purchased, usually in sections, for preparing beef stock and for adding flavor to beef soups and stews.

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