Pork - Ribs

Pork Ribs

The ribs are cuts taken from the loin and the side/belly primal cuts. There are several different types of ribs and they vary in meatiness and bone structure depending on the section from which they are cut. The number of people the ribs will serve varies according to the type of rib. Ribs are available fresh, smoked and fully cooked. They are also found pre-seasoned and with sauce that is pre-applied. Some products only need to be heated and they are ready to serve.

Back Ribs

Ribs taken from the center cut and part of the blade end of the pork loin. They consist of a minimum of 8 ribs but can include up to 14 ribs. An average rack of ribs includes 12 to 13 ribs. The ribs have meat between the bones and are meatier than spareribs, but do not have as much meat as country-style ribs.

Country-Style Ribs

Ribs taken from the blade end of the loin closest to the shoulder. Country-style ribs are meatier than other ribs but they are not as easy to eat, due to their bone structure and fat running through the meat. They include a minimum of 3 ribs and can be as many as 6 with bones or boneless.

Button Ribs

Flat circular shaped bones located at the sirloin end of the loin. The button ribs consist of the last 4 to 6 bones on the backbone that do not have actual ribs connected to them. The meat on the button ribs consists of meat that covers each rib and connects them together.


The intact rib section, including the brisket bone, taken from the side/belly. The rib section may also include the costal cartilage. Spareribs contain more bone than meat and also quite a bit of fat. Both the bones and the fat contribute to making the ribs tender and flavorful.

St. Louis Style Ribs

Spareribs with the brisket bone removed. The brisket bone is removed parallel to the rib side (perpendicular to the direction of the rib bones), resulting in exposure of cartilage on the brisket bone. The skirt meat (extra meat along the bottom edge on the bone side of the ribs) may be left on or removed.

Kansas City Style
(or Bar-B-Q Cut) Ribs

Similar to the St. Louis style ribs except they are trimmed more, making the ribs less meaty. The end flap and hard bone along the bottom are trimmed and the ribs are cut into a rectangle shape, resulting in a cut resembling back ribs.



Smaller rib portions created when the back ribs or spare ribs are cut down to straighten or to make smaller. The riblet portions will vary in size and are also available boneless.

Rib Tips

The brisket bone that is trimmed off the spareribs when producing St. Louis Style ribs. Rib tips are small meaty pieces of the breastbone.

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