Grill Grid

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Also known as a Grilling Grid or a Vegetable Grill Grid, this utensil is used to hold an array of small foods that may fall through the standard grill plates or racks when foods are being grilled. A Grill Grid is typically constructed of a non-stick material such as a porcelain enameled finish. Three sides of the Grid will often have edges to keep the food contained on the Grid. The back side of the Grid may be built with a deeper edge to use as a backstop so a spatula can easily slide under the food to be turned when necessary.

Standard sizes for the Grid range from 16 to 20 inches in length and 10 to 15 inches in depth. Some grids are built with handles that allow the grid to be handled easily when lifting the Grill Grid off of the grill. Many of the Grill Grids are constructed with perforated holes that allow food to receive the direct intensity of the heat while juices and oils seep through and away from the food. However, the holes are small so that delicate foods such as pieces of fish, shrimp, shellfish, and vegetables are not falling through or becoming stuck in the open spaces, such as may occur on standard grilling racks.

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