Thermometer Whisk

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Designed to assist with ingredients requiring controlled temperatures, this kitchen utensil is built with a temperature sensor on one end and the standard whisk on the other. Recipes for foods that contain ingredients sensitive to heat which may cause melting, solidifying, curdling, or separating of the ingredients, require utensils that can monitor the food as it is being prepared, similar to a temperature gauge or fork that monitors the cooking temperatures of baked goods. Thus, the Thermometer Whisk has been produced to assist with the preparation of foods such as sensitive sauces, ice cream or custard-based foods, meringues, and confectionary foods such as chocolate. Monitored in both centigrade and Fahrenheit, the temperature appears on a LCD grid so any changes occurring as the food is being stirred or whisked while being heated will be quickly displayed. This type of whisk may also be referred to as a Temperature Whisk.

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