Balloon Whisk

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This kitchen utensil, similar to a French whisk, is best used for whipping light food ingredients. It is available in different sizes ranging from 6 inches to 20 inches in length. The head may appear oval-shaped or round and balloon-like in appearance with more wires than a typical French whisk. Always select this type of whisk with as many wires as possible to assist with the whisking process. The Balloon Whisk is used to increase the amount of air that is brought into the foods being whipped, such as egg whites, sauces, or cream. The increase in air increases the volume of the mixture resulting in a lighter textured result, which is often desired for various recipes. The Double Balloon Whisk is designed to decrease the amount of time required for the whipping process while increasing the amount of air brought into the foods being mixed or beaten. This is a result of the Whisk containing more wires than the traditional Balloon Whisk.

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