Petit-Suisse Cheese

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Produced in France, this cheese is a soft variety that is very similar to a traditional cream cheese. Made from pasteurized cow's milk with cream added, Petit-Suisse cheese is a fresh cheese that typically contains over 50 percent milk fat and therefore, is rated as a double or triple cream cheese. Somewhat sweet and slightly sour in flavor, this cheese is made into small round cylinders or small square blocks to be served as a spreadable cheese or one that is cut into dollops that are added to desserts. In earlier years of cheesemaking, Petit-Suisse was produced in the traditional manner of adding rennet in order to create the texture and flavor so desired by consumers. Today, cyntrifical force is used instead of rennetting to produce the texture and flavor which is a process that does not fully provide the consistency and taste of the traditional methods. Often paired with fruit and nuts, Petit-Suisse is also spread on crackers as well as topped with jam to be eaten as a snacking cheese accompanying tea and coffee.

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