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A Mexican sandwich sold by street markets and vendors throughout Mexico that is somewhat similar to the American or Italian deli sandwich. The cernita contains fillings of meat, cheeses, chilies, and other vegetables that are enclosed by a round wheat flour roll seasoned with papalo, a pungent Mexican herb. Somewhat sweet tasting, the circular roll has a hard crust that covers a chewy inner bread. Sliced in half, the roll may be packed with many different types of stuffing to create the sandwich. Poultry, beef or Milanesa (a steak pounded into a thin strip of meat that is breaded and fried until crisp), or spicy pork may be layered with quesilla string cheese, and several vegetables, such as chilies, jalapeƱos, avocadoes, and onions. In addition, other ingredients may be added such as refried beans, potatoes, or beef tongue.

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