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Mustard is available in several different forms, all originating from the mustard plant. Mustard is first harvested as whole mustard seeds, which can then be ground into powdered or dry mustard. Both the seeds and the ground mustard are used as seasonings to make prepared mustard, mustard sauces and flavorings for food dishes.

Another form commonly available is prepared mustard, which is made from powdered or coarsely ground dried mustard combined with ingredients, such as vinegar, turmeric, white wine, and sugar to make the mustard condiment. There are a variety of different prepared mustards available, such as Honey, Dijon, Spicy Brown, Dijon, Stone Ground, Horseradish, and the traditional yellow mustard, also referred to as ballpark mustard. Prepared mustards are used as condiments or seasonings with flavors that vary in intensity and sweetness, depending on the type of mustard seeds and other ingredients used to produce them. Some mustards are very spicy, with a sharp or hot flavor, while others such as honey mustard have a mildly sharp and mildly sweet taste.

Mustards can be used to spread over meats as a marinade and seasoning, they can be used as an ingredient to flavor numerous foods, or they can be served as a dip for pretzels and other snack foods. Mustards keep well for long periods of time if stored in cool dry areas for some varieties and refrigerated areas for others.

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