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December 15 - 21, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan: December 15 - 21, 2013  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Citrus Roasted Chicken

citrus roasted chicken

Simple yet delicious roasted chicken is the perfect Sunday dinner. Serve it with mashed potatoes and crusty bread to mop up that tasty pan gravy.
Holiday Mashed Potatoes

holiday mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes that are still creamy and delicious and can be made in advance! Perfect for holidays where there is enough craziness going on to have to worry about mashing the potatoes. Make them a day in advance to make your life even easier.
Brussels Sprouts Gratin

brussels sprouts gratin

These miniature cabbages are a delicious side dish and so versatile. The bacon and cheese make the perfect combination to a rich an tasty vegetable that everyone will love.
Strawberry Salad with Sweet and Salty Pretzels

strawberry salad with sweet and salty pretzels

Sweetened pretzels are baked up and then added to a creamy strawberry salad. This sweet and salty salad will have you coming back for more. A great addition to any holiday table.
Pumpkin Spice Roll

pumpkin spice roll

This pumpkin dessert is not only filled with pumpkin flavor, it also looks beautiful on the holiday table.

Day 2


Notes: Combine meatballs and marinara sauce and serve over pasta.
Meatball Monday Meatballs

meatball monday meatballs

Meatballs that are full of flavor. These can be frozen for up to a month! Serve on sub rolls or on top of spaghetti.
Simple Marinara Sauce

simple marinara sauce

A quick-and-easy to make marinara sauce. Use as a pizza sauce, for spaghetti sauce or on other pasta, or as a dipping sauce for breadsticks and other savory appetizers.
Caesar Salad with Homemade Dressing

caesar salad with homemade dressing

The homemade dressing for this Caesar Salad has a distinctive flavor that you will love. It just may become one of your family's favorite salad and dressing recipes.
Baked Cheesy Garlic Bread

baked cheesy garlic bread

Soft and buttery, this garlic bread is sure to please. A gread side to any meal, especially pasta. You could also throw it on the grill, too.

Day 3


Notes: These Oven Toasted Garlic Baguettes go great with any kind of soup.
Home Cooked Chicken Noodle Soup

home cooked chicken noodle soup

A home cooked comfort food that is perfect for those cold winter days. Served with a side of crackers, this flavorful chicken noodle soup is all you need for a complete meal.
Oven Toasted Garlic Baguettes

oven toasted garlic baguettes

Crispy slices of garlic toast. Make a perfect accompaniment to salads, soups, and pasta dishes. They also make a nice snack just to munch on.
Spiced Cider Punch

spiced cider punch

Day 4


Simple Shrimp Salad

simple shrimp salad

With just a few ingredients, this salad is still full of flavor. The salt and pepper is all the seasoning the pasta and shrimp need.
Honey Cinnamon Muffins

honey cinnamon muffins

A perfect muffin to serve with a salad or it is great eaten on its own. This muffin has just a hint of cinnamon but does not overpower the mild honey flavor. Super simple to make, just stir ingredients together.
Chocolate Caramel Turtle Bars

chocolate caramel turtle bars

A perfect combination of chocolate and caramel make these turtle bars a favorite of any ooey-gooey bar lover! Topped with pecans they provide everything you could want in a bar recipe, sweet and chewy with a bit of crunch. Also try other turtle bar recipes on our site.

Day 5


Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast

creamed chipped beef on toast

A quick-and-easy meal to make that is fantastic. Try this delicious creamy chipped beef served over toast for a quick weeknight meal or anytime. It is sure to be one of your families' favorites.
Sweetened Green Beans

sweetened green beans

Garden fresh green beans lightly sweetened.
Lemon Coconut Snowballs

lemon coconut snowballs

If you love lemon and coconut you're going to love these cookies. Sweet and soft, these are sure to be a hit. They actually look like snowballs so they are perfect for your holiday sweet tray.

Day 6


Stove Top Tamale Pie

stove top tamale pie

Your whole family will be digging into this hearty taco meat and bean mixture. The topping of corn bread and Cheddar cheese makes it especially delicious.
Spanish Rice with Tomatoes

spanish rice with tomatoes

Throw a Mexican fiesta right in your own home. This rice tastes as good as it looks. It's the perfect side dish for your fajitas or tacos.
Crazy Corn Souffle

crazy corn souffle

Delicious corn bread that is the perfect compliment to any mexican meal. The sweet creamed corn adds a little texture to the bread. A can of diced green chilies would be a great addition if you prefer a little heat.

Day 7


Grandmas Meat Loaf with Brown Sugar Topping

grandma's meat loaf with brown sugar topping

A basic meat loaf recipe made with a simple brown sugar and ketchup sauce that makes the perfect topping.
Just Baked Potatoes

just baked potatoes

Simple baked potatoes served with butter or your favorite toppings. These potatoes are coated with oil before baking to create extra crispy potato skins.
Traditional Baked Beans

traditional baked beans

The savory aroma of these traditional baked beans, prepared with molasses, brown sugar, and bits of bacon, will whet the appetite—and the flavor will cause them to disappear.
Creamy Broccoli Cauliflower Salad

creamy broccoli cauliflower salad

Are you looking for the perfect salad to bring to the next potluck? Here's one that everyone will love. Crunchy vegetables and full of flavor, there won't be a spoonful leftover.
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