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December 11 - 17, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan: December 11 - 17, 2011  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Notes: If you have a hard time finding a lamb shoulder roast, try substituting a pork roast and stuff as directed in the recipe.
Stuffed Lamb Shoulder Roast

stuffed lamb shoulder roast

This versatile, economical cut makes great eating.
Roasted Roots

roasted roots

This dish is wonderful with grilled or roasted meat. And, of course, other root vegetables can be added to, or substituted for, the ones listed.
Layered Trifle Salad

layered trifle salad

A make-ahead salad with layered ingredients that make an attractive presentation. Besides being a great side dish, this trifle salad can also be served as a main entree. Search our site for more attractive and delicious layered trifle salads.
Grasshopper Dessert

grasshopper dessert

A cool mint and chocolate flavored dessert.

Day 2


Easy Slow Cooker Beef Stew

easy slow cooker beef stew

This one-step stew requires no browning, so it can be assembled in minutes.
Cornmeal Cheese Biscuits

cornmeal cheese biscuits

Served warm, these buttery cornmeal and cheese biscuits are an excellent accompaniment for soups, stews, or salads.
Spritz Cookies

spritz cookies

With a sweet and subtle flavor, these great tasting sugar cookies are ideal for shaping and decorating for the Holidays.

Day 3


Burrito Casserole

burrito casserole

Cheesy beef burritos filled with beans and chilies and topped with a creamy sauce. This recipe is perfect to make in advance and have in the refrigerator when ready to bake.
Spanish Rice with Vegetables

spanish rice with vegetables

Mexican Cheese Cake

mexican cheese cake

Sweet and creamy with just a hint of cinnamon flavor. These Mexican cheese cakes are rich and delicious. They are sure to be a favorite of family and friends.

Day 4


Chicken and Rice Casserole

chicken and rice casserole

Baked in a savory cream sauce, this chicken and rice combination is rich in flavor and moist in texture.
Broccoli Bake 7

broccoli bake 7

Hot  Spiced Cider and Cranberry Juice

hot spiced cider and cranberry juice

A warm and tasty treat for a crisp Fall day.

Day 5


Hearty Chili Roni

hearty chili roni

Under $2.00 per serving. Macaroni is a great addition to this family favorite. Cooking the macaroni with the ground beef and seasonings makes cleanup a snap.
Simple Garlic Bread

simple garlic bread

Day 6


Notes: If everyone is not crazy about vegetable pizza, make up one with some of your family's favorite toppings.
Easy Homemade Pizza

easy homemade pizza

Preparing pizza at home is easy, if you start with convenient prepared pizza crusts such as Boboli. Keep a couple in the freezer so you can have pizza anytime.
Apple Crisp Pizza

apple crisp pizza

You will be torn between regular apple crisp and this pastry bottom apple crisp. Both are delicious but this has that light and flaky crust like a pie. It is absolutely delicious!

Day 7


Old Fashioned Meat Loaf

old fashioned meat loaf

A traditional comfort food that will warm the heart on a cold evening.
Twice Baked Potatoes with Cheese

twice baked potatoes with cheese

The crisply potato shells holding that creamy filling are an elegant side dish to your main entree. These potatoes could also be frozen and then thawed and baked up later.
Moms Scalloped Corn

mom's scalloped corn

Simple ingredients lead to a perfectly delicious side dish. Warm and creamy with a crunchy topping, you'll want seconds for sure.
Fruit Slaw with Vinegar and Oil Dressing

fruit slaw with vinegar and oil dressing

Sweet and spicy, the fruit adds a fresh touch to this cabbage slaw salad.
Graham Cracker Bars

graham cracker bars

An irresistible treat that couldn't be any easier to make. These chewy no-bake dessert bars are loaded with marshmallows and coconut, and yes, graham crackers! Visit our site for more delicious bar and cookie recipes that you and your whole family will enjoy.
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