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March 13 - 19, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan: March 13 - 19, 2011  by RecipeTips.com

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Day 1


Ham Loaf with Brown Sugar Glaze

ham loaf with brown sugar glaze

Perfect for leftover ham or use a ham from the deli section at your supermarket. The glaze adds a sweetness to the ham loaf that you are sure to love.
Golden Scalloped Potatoes

golden scalloped potatoes

The cheesy taste of this dish gets an extra boost of flavor from the Yukon Gold potatoes. This scalloped potato recipe along with many other potato casserole dishes on our site are perfect with ham recipes. Learn All About Potatoes.
Eclair Dessert

eclair dessert

When you serve this attractive and tasty dessert at your next special gathering, your guests will be amazed when you tell them how easy it is to prepare. This inventive dessert recipe is a good choice for those special occasions when food preparation time is limited.

Day 2


Slow Cooker Italian Beef

slow cooker italian beef

Delicious blend of flavors that makes a great sandwich along with au jus to dip into.
Beer Cheese Soup

beer cheese soup

Beer and cheese flavors are a great combination in this savory soup served in a bread bowl.
Seven Layer Yummies

seven layer yummies

Chewy and packed full of flavor, these bars will be a sure hit.

Day 3


Pasta Carbonara

pasta carbonara

With the unique flavor of pancetta (the famous Italian bacon), this classic pasta dish is sure to be a favorite.
Chicken Scallopine

chicken scallopine

This variation on a classic veal recipe is quick, easy and good. Doubles easily.
Crunchy Orange Tossed Salad

crunchy orange tossed salad

A light salad with a slightly sweet dressing that makes a great side dish to go with any meal. The oranges provide an interesting flavor and the candied almonds add crunch to this salad.

Day 4


Irish Beef Stew

irish beef stew

This traditional Irish beef stew recipe, a favorite on St. Patrick's Day, is made distinctive by the combination of seasonings that are used in the stew and by the addition of stout beer, which gives this hearty beef stew a one-of-kind taste.
Irish Soda Bread

irish soda bread

Here's a rustic, easy-to-make bread with a hearty wheat flavor that will certainly be among your favorite bread recipes. The optional rolled oats provide additional flavor to this Irish bread recipe and they also give it an appealing texture.
Bit O Green Cake

bit o' green cake

Top off your St. Patrick's Day celebration with this festive pistachio-flavored cake recipe with its creamy whipped topping-based pistachio frosting. This ultra-moist Bundt cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Day 5


Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

slow cooker corned beef and cabbage

The lengthy slow cooking time of this dish, transforms a simple beef brisket and plain head of cabbage into a fantastic one-pot meal. This slow cooking whole meal recipe is sure to be a favorite of any Irish food lover.
Spicy Braised Carrots

spicy braised carrots

A little spicy hotness pairs deliciously with the natural sweetness of carrots.
Minty Ice Cream Sandwiches

minty ice cream sandwiches

Don't wait for St. Patrick's Day to serve this festive ice cream dessert recipe, because this treat is perfect year round. You'll love the mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiched between the chocolaty shamrock-shaped cookies.
Irish Coffee

irish coffee

The Irish coffee recipe was invented in the 1940s and has been popular ever since. There are several variations of this St. Patrick's Day beverage, but all recipes must contain Irish whiskey and, of course, brewed coffee to be considered true Irish coffee.

Day 6


Fish Baked in Lemon Butter

fish baked in lemon butter

Lemon and butter are often served with fish. This combination is even tastier when the flavors are baked together as in this quick and easy recipe.
Peas and Potatoes

peas and potatoes

This combination of early summer favorites is usually served in a cream sauce, but try this lighter version. Using edible podded peas provides both crunch and extra fiber.

Day 7


Corned Beef Hotdish

corned beef hotdish

Leftover corned beef becomes a real treat in this easy-to-make casserole recipe that features a creamy cheese sauce and crunchy French fried onions. Only five ingredients are required to make this economical oven-baked hotdish.
Braised Brussels Sprouts with Sage Butter

braised brussels sprouts with sage butter

The distinctive flavor of sage livens the taste of buttery Brussels sprouts in this simple preparation.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

You'll never want to buy store-bought cookies again after you've tried this easy-to-make cookie recipe that combines the flavors of peanut butter and chocolate in one tasty treat.
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