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ham and cheese hash brown casserole Recipe
Hash browns, ham, and cheese all in one dish for a tasty casserole that your family is sure to love. This is a perfect dish to prepare when you have leftover ham.
oven roasted teriyaki chicken Recipe
Sweet and saucy, these baked chicken thighs are perfect served with white rice and broccoli. You can use any type of chicken you want for that matter, and it will still be delicious. The sauce is the perfect complement to the chicken. Don't forget to drizzle some on the rice and broccoli!
ultimate pierogi casserole Recipe
Full of flavor, this pierogi casserole is nothing short of rich and hearty. It's a wonderful change from the usual boring casserole. If you love the tasty bite-size pierogi's, you're sure to love this.
creamy chicken tortilla bake Recipe
A creamy Mexican chicken casserole with a touch of heat. The tomatoes and green chilies add just the right spice to this chicken casserole. A great selection when you feel like adding a little heat to your meal.
breakfast cupcakes Recipe
A sausage and egg muffin that starts off the morning on the right foot. These individual breakfasts can be frozen and eaten later.
chicken broccoli hashbrown casserole Recipe
A casserole that tops cheesy hashbrowns and makes a meal out of it. Perfect for busy weeknights and to use up some leftover chicken. Everyone will love this recipe.
juicy roast chicken Recipe
Tender and juicy, this roasted chicken will melt in your mouth. The onion powder creates the perfect seasoned crust on the chicken skin. So simple, perfect for Sunday dinner with mashed potatoes.
rolled cinnamon cookies Recipe
This yummy rolled cookie will remind you of a cinnamon roll when you take that first bite. This crispy cinnamon flavored cookie is sure to become a holiday favorite.
caramel pretzel brownies Recipe
Caramel-topped brownies with a layer of crispy pretzels. These brownies have a different twist to them that all those brownie-lovers will love.
peanut butter sandwich cookies Recipe
Creamy peanut butter filling sandwiched between two crispy peanut butter cookies. This recipe will be a favorite of all your peanut butter lovers.
santa pretzels Recipe
These little Santa Pretzels are fun to make and fun to eat. The kids will love seeing the Santas on your Christmas treat tray. They are a perfect way to add some Christmas spirit to your tray of goodies.
orange glazed scallops Recipe
Pan-seared scallops are covered in a sweet and savory sauce. The tender scallops are perfect in the Asian inspired glaze.
hasselback potatoes Recipe
These potatoes are amazing. Thinly sliced and seasoned to perfection, the crisp edges mixed with the soft and steamy inside are delicious. These are a must try beside any main dish.
garlic butter baked crab legs Recipe
An easy way to make an elegant meal. Use the remaining butter from the pan to dip the crab in.
blueberry dessert pizza Recipe
A delicious way to finish off pizza night. You are always in for a special treat when you combine crescent rolls, cream cheese, and blueberries!
california burger with grilled peppers Recipe
This recipe gives a little extra to a classic California burger. A tasty boost of flavor for an all-time favorite burger.
cheesy mixed veggie casserole Recipe
A mixed vegetable casserole that makes a nice side dish for any meal. Sour cream and cheese help provide a creamy sauce for this flavorful casserole and the crispy fried onion topping adds just the right crunch.
ham  biscuit breakfast casserole Recipe
Super easy and super tasty breakfast casserole. This is a quick and easy dish to make when you are short of time but still want to serve something special.
grandmas bread pudding with caramel sauce Recipe
Scrumptious bread pudding just like Grandma used to make. Sweet bread pudding topped with a delightfully rich homemade caramel sauce.
whole wheat banana bread Recipe
A dense, moist banana bread made with whole wheat flour applesauce, and honey for a healthier choice.
lemon coconut snowballs Recipe
If you love lemon and coconut you're going to love these cookies. Sweet and soft, these are sure to be a hit. They actually look like snowballs so they are perfect for your holiday sweet tray.
larabar fudge babies Recipe
A healthy sweet alternative to give you extra energy and satisfy your sweet tooth without wrecking your diet. These can be rolled into small bars or pressed into a pan and cut into bars.
italian knot cookies Recipe
This cookie is absolutely delicious with a slight almond flavor and not too sweet. They are soft and chewy. You can choose to frost or not to frost.
smoky roasted cauliflower Recipe
The smoked paprika adds a distinctive flavor to this simple roasted cauliflower dish.
pumpkin trifle Recipe
An easy to make pumpkin dessert. This makes a great fall dessert and is perfect for all the pumpkin lovers at you Thanksgiving gathering.
Top 250 recipes found
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