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strawberry shortsnake Recipe
This fun and simple dessert is great for the kids to make themselves. It's easy and delicious. Who doesn't love pound cake, whipped topping and strawberries?
chocolate chip cookie stuffed pretzels Recipe
Homemade pretzels stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough...wow! While they may not be pretty to look at, it certainly won't stop anyone from devouring these delicious twists. Eat warm with a cold glass of milk.
cherry devils food sweetheart cake Recipe
This cake is so delicious that everyone will want to be your sweetheart when you make it. The cream cheese layer and cherry pie filling are the perfect combination of flavors and texture to go with the moist devil's food cake.
chicken tater tot hotdish Recipe
Tater tot hotdish made with chicken. This tater tot hotdish is flavored with ranch dressing mix and includes peas and corn for a complete meal. It is topped with cheese and bacon for an extra special touch of flavor.
bacon ranch pull-aparts Recipe
Flavorful little bites of bread that are a nice addition to any meal or on their own they make a delicious savory snack.
baseball cake Recipe
Spring and summer are perfect times to make a baseball cake for your favorite baseball fan. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or a victory, this cake is sure to be a big hit.
mardi gras king cupcakes Recipe
These colorful cupcakes resemble the traditional King Cake that is an essential part of the Mardi Gras celebration. With a blend of flavors, these special cupcakes are perfect for any celebration.
valentines day krispie treats Recipe
Try our Halloween Crispy Treat Recipe for a chewy Halloween treats with chocolate pieces, perfect for your Halloween party. Visit RecipeTips.com for more bar recipes and Halloween recipes.
simple barbecued meatballs Recipe
Tasty meatballs with a simple barbecue sauce. A perfect appetizer for any football party or any gathering of family and friends.
cheesy meatballs
A delicious meal you can serve as sandwiches or a dinner meal.
sweet bread with macadamia honey butter Recipe
A sweet bread with a creamy nut butter to top it off. If you've ever eaten at Disney's Polynesian Kona Cafe restaurant, you would have fallen in love with this bread. Now you can make it yourself.
slow cooker chocolate lava cake Recipe
Have you ever had those molten lava cakes for dessert at a restaurant? They are amazing! And this recipe tastes just as good but all the work is done by the slow cooker.
oven roasted balsamic green beans Recipe
These green beans will become a favorite. They are loaded with flavor and so easy to make. The roasting brings out the flavor from the beans and the vineagar.
smoked soy-honey-rum cornish game hens Recipe
Brined to flavor the meat and then smoked to bring out all that flavor, these tasty little hens will impress everyone. Enjoy this any time of year.
cinnamon sugar pie crust Recipe
Instead of just throwing away the extra pie crust you end up with when making pies, make this delicious delicate little treat.
banana cream meringue pie Recipe
Sweet, creamy and delicious, this pie is topped with a meringue topping that is light and fluffy with just a hint of flavor, which allows you to enjoy the scrumptious taste of the banana cream pie.
hearty chicken and sausage gumbo Recipe
With the addition of Andouille sausage, this recipe makes a hearty chicken gumbo with lots of flavor. Serve with rice and cornbread on the side for a great southern-style meal.
almond payasam
Any dish made using almonds is unfailingly rich, quite befitting royalty! keep the spices such as cardamom to a minimum in this recipe, so as to highlight the creamy, soothing texture and flavour of almonds. Authentic Badam kheer (sweet almond dessert) made the south indian way omits cardamoms and nutmeg and uses a pinch of raw camphor and saffron (both added after the kheer is removed from the fire) instead. But if you do not find raw camphor, fret not; just go ahead with this recipe as it is!
crunchy macaroni slaw Recipe
The addition of celery, cucumbers, peppers, and water chestnuts add a nice crunch to this macaroni coleslaw recipe. The different textures and flavors of all the ingredients are brought together with the creamy dressing. This coleslaw makes a great side to any meal.
bourbon pralines Recipe
Sweet creamy treats made of pecans coated with a caramel-flavored coating. The bourbon adds a nice touch to this recipe and compliments the flavor of the caramel coating on these pralines. A popular item in New Orleans, these Bourbon Pralines make a nice treat to enjoy at any of your Mardi Gras celebrations or at any special gathering.
banana bars with browned butter frosting Recipe
Banana bars frosted with a browned butter frosting that adds a sweet nutty flavor. You will be surprised at how delicious these bars are with this tasty frosting.
chicken crescent casserole Recipe
A casserole that provides the delicious combination of chicken and buttery-flavored crescents. Easy to fix and sure to please the whole family.
baked burrito-style tacos Recipe
These burrito-flavored tacos are baked in the tortilla shell, which makes them simple to serve and provides a slightly crisp shell. They are delicious as is or served with your favorite taco fixings.
onion  cheese beer bread Recipe
The light onion and cheese flavor of this beer bread makes it a perfect complement to chili and stews. It is simple to make and provides you with coarse and crispy crusted bread that is very flavorful.
mac-n-cheese pizza Recipe
Two flavor combinations, pizza and macaroni and cheese, together for a huge hit. Why wouldn't you love it?
Top 250 recipes found
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