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Yam Glossary Term
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A tuber, common in Asia, Africa, and many tropical countries, that can range in size from several ounces to over 100 pounds. Yam is a term that is often used when referring to various types of sweet potatoes, such as a Louisana yam, an orange-fleshed sweet potato. For marketing purposes, several Louisana varieties such as the Red Garnet were labeled as "yams" to distinguish them from other varieties of sweet potatoes. However, a true yam which is not related to the sweet potato, is very different in taste and shape. It is a hearty tuber that does not have the sweeter taste of a sweet potato, but instead may have flavors that range from bland to earthy, slightly smoky in taste, or nutty and only moderately sweet. The shape of the yam can be oblong, tapered or round with a thick outer skin that is dark brown and bark-like, ranging from smooth to shaggy in appearance. Their dense flesh can be an off-white color to pale yellow or slightly pinkish orange with a very starchy texture.

Select yams that are not discolored, bruised, or soft to the touch. They should not show signs of distress or mold.

To prepare, a yam must be peeled with a knife, to remove its bark-like skin. After peeling, submerge the white flesh in cold water to keep it from turning dark in color. Cut the yam into pieces or slices and place in boiling salt water to be blanched for approximately 15 minutes or so. Since they are similar to potatoes, yams can be prepared using many of the same methods used for sweet potatoes. When cooked, various varieties of yams develop a somewhat creamy flesh while other varieties remain firm. All yams absorb liquids exceptionally well, so after cooking, their flavor can be enhanced easily by adding flavorful seasonings, spicy or mustard sauces, or various dressings.

Store yams in cool dry areas to decrease the chance of molding and spoilage. Yams stored in plastic containers or plastic bags will also spoil easily if condensation is allowed to form, so keep the yams in areas providing a sufficient flow of air. The yam is also known as true yam, greater yam, cush-cush, igname, mapuey, name yam, nyami tropical yam, and yampi. The "Name" Yam is pronounced "ny-AAH-MAY".

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alaska pollock Glossary Term
A saltwater fish that is a member of the cod family and sometimes referred to as bigeye pollock or walleye pollock.
penuche Glossary Term
An old-fashioned tan-colored confection made with brown sugar, milk, butter, and vanilla. The ingredients are cooked in a saucepan and are stirred constantly until heated to the soft ball stage.
royal trumpet mushroom Glossary Term
(Scientific Name: Pleurotus eryngii) A variety of mushroom that grows in clusters and develops a trumpet-like shape.
black trumpet mushroom Glossary Term
(Scientific Name: Craterellus fallax) A tender and somewhat fragile funnel or horn-shaped mushroom more commonly known as, “Horn of Plenty” (Craterellus cornucopioides).
monukka raisin Glossary Term
Grown in the Himalayan mountain region, the Monukka Raisins have a sligthtly larger size than the traditional dark raisin made from dried green grapes.
piñata!® apple Glossary Term
A medium to large size variety of apple, which is a cross between a Golden Delicious, Cox's Orange Pippin, and the Duchess of Oldenburg.
ribollita Glossary Term
A type of thick soup that is a specialty of the Tuscany region of Italy. Traditionally, ribollita (which is Italian for “twice boiled”), was basically leftover minestrone soup that was reheated (or re-boiled, hence the name ribollita); however, chunks of crusty bread were added to the leftover soup before it was served.
french dip sandwich Glossary Term
A type of hot sandwich consisting of thin slices of tender roast beef layered on a French baguette and served with the flavorful beef sauce known as au jus (pronounced oh zhoo'), which is French for “with juice” (au jus typically accompanies prime rib).
kulich bread Glossary Term
A type festival bread that traditionally is served on Russian Easter. The white flour yeast dough is most often enriched with eggs, milk, and butter.
pull-apart bread Glossary Term
A type of bread that is formed into a shape that contains distinct markings or indentations that allow the bread to be “pulled apart” into individual servings.
torshi Glossary Term
A reference to Middle Eastern pickled vegetables. A derivative of the Persian word “torsh,” meaning “sour,” the most common vegetable made into torshi is the turnip, although any vegetable can be used.
teiglach Glossary Term
A type of Jewish pastry, or cookie, in which the dough is cooked by boiling it in a syrup flavored with honey.
schmaltz Glossary Term
A term that refers to the rendered fat of chickens that is strained and used in a variety of Jewish dishes in much the same way that butter is used.
schav Glossary Term
A type of soup in which the herb sorrel is the primary flavoring. The soup is a specialty of Jewish cooking and is prepared with water or broth, egg yolks, salt, and sorrel.
rugalach Glossary Term
A type of Jewish cookie most often made with a delicious cream cheese dough; however, the dough is also prepared with nondairy ingredients so that the cookie can be consumed during or after a meal of meat and still be kosher.
kugel Glossary Term
A type of Jewish dish that can be served as a dessert when prepared with sweet ingredients or can be served as a side dish or entrée when prepared with savory ingredients.
kreplach Glossary Term
A type of dumpling-like noodle dish in which the dumplings are filled with various ingredients, such as ground meats or cheese.
kaes Glossary Term
A Yiddish term that means “cheese.” When a Jewish dish has “kaes” attached to its’ name, it is an indictor that cheese is one of the ingredients of the dish.
holishkes Glossary Term
A Jewish specialty dish that is basically a type of stuffed cabbage roll. Various mixtures of savory ingredients are placed onto large cabbage leaves, which are then rolled and cooked, either by baking or simmering on the stovetop.
hamantasch Glossary Term
A type of Jewish pastry or cookie that is filled with a wide range fillings (usually sweet), such as apricots, dates, prunes, poppy seeds, or a mixture of poppy seeds and honey.
peanut brittle Glossary Term
A type of confection prepared with sugar, corn syrup, peanuts, and butter that has the flavor of buttery, caramelized sugar surrounding a flat layer of peanuts.
sweetmeat Glossary Term
A term that refers to a small piece or portion of a sweet food, such as candied fruits or nuts, small candies, or petit fours.
halva Glossary Term
A type of sweet treat, or sweetmeat (a small piece of something sweet), popular among the Jewish populations of Middle Eastern and Balkan countries.
haimishe Glossary Term
A Yiddish term that means, “homemade food.”
forspeizen Glossary Term
A Yiddish term that means, “appetizers that are quite tasty.”
Top 250 glossary terms found
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