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cheeses of belgium Article
Cheeses of Belgium Chimay This cheese gets its name from the town in Belgium where it originated. It is produced under the historic guidance of the monks who originally produced cheeses within their Trappist monastery and community.
elements that affect the flavor of cheese Article
Types of Milk | Animal Feed | Geology | Seasons and Weather Types of Milk Milk from Animals Most types of cheese that consumers have become accustomed to seeing on store shelves are produced from the milk of three animals: cows, sheep, and goats.
cheeses of the british isles huntsman english to wensleydale Article
Cheeses of the British Isles: Huntsman English to Wensleydale Huntsman English Huntsman English cheese is a combination of Double Gloucester cheese and alternating inner layers of Stilton blue cheese.
cheeses of the british isles berskswell to gubbeen Article
Cheeses of the British Isles: Berskswell to Gubbeen Berkswell Berkswell is a well known English hard cheese produced from sheep's milk in the Berkswell region of England.
cheeses of italy parmesan to trugole Article
Cheeses of Italy: Parmesan to Trugole Parmesan Parmesan is a well-known semi-hard to hard Italian cheese made from partially skimmed cow's milk. Parmesan cheese can be purchased as a young cheese or as an aged cheese.
cheeses of italy farmhouse to mozzarella Article
Cheeses of Italy: Farmhouse to Mozzarella Farmhouse A term commonly applied to any of the different types of European cheeses that are made by traditional cheese making methods and are produced from the raw milk of animals, such as cows, goats, and sheep that are raised on small regional farms, mountain chalet farms, or mountain huts.
cheeses of italy asiago to crucolo Article
Cheeses of Italy: Asiago to Crucolo Asiago A type of Italian cheese made from cow's milk. It has a hard texture and a nutty flavor. Like Parmigiano cheese, it is produced in the shape of a wheel.
cheeses of france ossau-iraty to vacherin mont dor Article
Cheeses of France: Ossau-Iraty to Vacherin Mont d'Or Ossau-Iraty A French cheese made from raw (unpasteurized) sheep's milk. The sheep's milk used for the cheese is obtained from Manech or Basco-Béarnaise ewes that are raised along the Pyrenees mountain range in the Basque region of France.
cheeses of france gabietou to neufchatel Article
Cheeses of France: Gabietou to Neufchatel Gabietou Pronounced gah-bee-ay-too, this cheese is a mixture of one-third raw sheep's milk and two-thirds cow's milk. Originating in southwestern France, Gabietou Cheese is formed into wheels that range in weight from 6 to 10 pounds.
cheeses of france camembert to fromage blanc Article
Cheeses of France: Camembert to Fromage Blanc Camembert Camembert cheese is French in origin, but it is also made in other European countries and the United States. It is made from cow's milk and when produced, it has a pale yellow color, a soft white rind, and a creamy texture.
cheeses of france abbaye de bellocq to butte Article
Cheeses of France: Abbaye de Bellocq to Butte Abbaye de Bellocq A sheep's milk cheese from the Basque region of France. It is made in the Benedictine Monastery, Abbaye de Notre Dame de Bellocq.
introduction to cheese Article
Cheese Groups | Forms of CheeseUses of Cheese | The Issue of Mold and Crystallization in Cheese Cheese is a dairy product made from the curds of milk that have been separated from the whey.
roast beef cook time Article
The proper beef roast cook times and the correct beef cooking oven temperatures are extremely important. The optimum flavor and tenderness of various beef roasts can be consistently achieved when care is taken to follow the recommended time and temperature guidelines for cooking beef roasts.
miscellaneous sauces from around the world Article
  England | Spain | Greece | Other Countries and Regions   England Worcestershire Sauce A popular condiment that has a savory flavor and is used to season a wide variety of dishes.
american sauces Article
  Tomato Sauces | Barbecue Sauces | Hot Sauces | Grill Sauces | Seafood Sauces Tomato Sauces Tomato Paste Tomato paste is made from fresh tomatoes that have been cooked for several hours and then strained.
mexican sauces Article
  Chili or Chile Sauce A sauce or condiment that can be made from any one of many different chili peppers, depending on the desired intensity and flavor. This sauce may be blended with vinegar, herbs, garlic, and other seasonings to produce a somewhat sweet and spicy flavored chili sauce that can be red, green, yellow, or brown in color.
asian sauces Article
  Chinese Sauces | Japanese Sauces | Other Asian Sauces   Chinese Sauces Plum Sauce A thick sweet-and-sour Chinese sauce, which is used as a condiment for Asian foods.
italian sauces Article
  Italian Pasta Sauces | Other Types of Italian Sauces   Italian Pasta Sauces The pasta sauces of Italy are made from any of a variety of savory toppings and mixtures of ingredients that enhance the flavor of the pasta dish being served.
french sauces Article
  White Sauces | Brown Sauces | Tomato Sauces (or Red Sauces) | Egg Yolk and Butter SaucesEgg Yolk and Oil Sauces | Oil and Vinegar Sauces | Flavored Butter Sauces   White Sauces In French cooking, traditional white sauces are one of two types: those made with hot milk added to a white roux (such as Béchamel sauce or Mornay sauce) or sauces made with hot broth or stock added to a white roux (such as Velouté sauce).
primary sauces and sauce terms Article
Sauces Defined | Other Common Sauce Terms Sauces Defined Sauces are liquids of various thicknesses that are flavored or seasoned to enhance the flavor of food. Sauces can be sweet, sour, spicy, or savory and may be added to the food to become part of a main dish or used as an accompaniment to the food being prepared.
all about ginger Article
Ginger A subtropical plant that is grown for its knobby root, which is used as a seasoning in foods. The root, which is actually a rhizome, has a tan skin and a flesh that may range in color from ivory to light green.
coffee making equipment Article
Coffee Grinder A device that is used to grind whole coffee beans into a suitable size for brewing. Manually operated coffee grinders require that a hand crank be turned in order to move blades that grind the coffee beans.
types of coffee beverages Article
Cappuccino A rich espresso coffee that combines foamed milk and steamed milk added over the hot espresso. Typically, it is made with equal amounts of espresso, steamed and foamed milk.
coffee Article
Coffee is a popular beverage brewed from ground coffee beans and water. It can be served hot or cold and comes in many flavors, depending on the type of coffee bean, the method of roasting the beans, and the flavorings that may be added.
salad dressing Article
Salad Dressing Selection | Types of Salad Dressing | How to Dress a Salad A type of sauce that may use mayonnaise or a vinaigrette combined with other ingredients to create a topping or flavoring that can be mixed into salad greens or salad items being prepared.
Top 250 articles found
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