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homemade sauerkraut with cranberries!
I bet you bought sauerkraut in the closest supermarket to make hot dogs. It is sour (very sour) with lots of liquid in a bag. Generally sauerkraut sold in stores is not to my taste, I guess you noticed it. Maybe there is nothing wrong with it, but I just love sauerkraut with cranberries, onions, and sunflower/or olive oil. It is the best winter dish for the family. It is great for Christmas too. It is light and goes great with meats and mashed potatoes or fish. All in all you will love it at first bite because this is the best one you will ever eat!
lenniss pimento cheese spread southern style
Ingredients included in this recipe are Velveeta, at room temperature, pimentos, drained, Miracle Whip.
12 cookies of christmas sugar cookies
The 11 days before Christmas are dedicated to cookies. At the end of the day you have to choose the best cookie recipe to treat Santa! So this is my first and favorite cookie recipe! This sugar cookie recipe is very simple and yet delicious. It is cooked by my mom for at least 2 decades now. The recipe is good for any occasion: Christmas and Valentines Day, New Year or Halloween.
healthy and easy vegan beet salad with prunes
Ingredients included in this recipe are beets, pitted prunes, washed, chopped, vegetable oil, garlic, pressed (optional), salt, pepper.
raspberry chocolate dessert sandwich
Simple dessert kids will love to create on their own. Press the edges with a fork to seal. For a slight change, broil it to get the toasted feel.
soup with meatballs mushrooms spaghetti and cheese
This is a great warm winter soup. It takes only 30 minutes to cook, but it vanishes even faster than it took you to cook it.
turkey soup with tomatoes and herbs.
Great soup, if you have turkey leftovers from holidays or if you just wish to have a rich, hearty soup for lunch. Any part of turkey will be good (I cooked mine from turkey neck and some leftovers.) It takes 30-40 minutes to cook and the taste is amazing. The key to great taste are tomatoes and herbs.
cheesy hamburger dip
I only make this dip on special occasions, like one year I made it for my 40th celebration and more recently just had it at my anniversary party . . . its quick and easy and it seems to go a long ways . . . enjoy!
creamy peanut butter balls
Yummy and sweet holiday treat. Well worth the effort that goes into making these peanut butter candies.
cocktail de shrimp by carlos
A fresh blend of tangy ingredients make this special cold appetizer that is eaten like a soup!
vegan spicy sauteed mushrooms
Button mushrooms have an excellent amount of selenium, zinc and manganese; all three are great antioxidant minerals. Also daily intake of crimini mushrooms for 1-2 months can reduce levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and TGs. And if you are not convinced yet then you got to know that one cup of button mushrooms provides a good, very good, or excellent source of 18 different vitamins, minerals and antioxidant phytonutrients. So this recipe is fast and delicious , as well as nutritional and helpful.
button mushrooms stuffed with minced meat with lemon basil and grapes
This recipe is really amazing and fast to cook, considering the fact that button mushrooms contain 17 different vitamins, the benefits from this dish increase dramatically. This dish has a long history in my house, it was cooked without cheese and grapes, but I decided to add the sweet twist to it. The bitterness of cheese and button mushrooms combined with sweetness of grapes and lemon basil make the combination very rich and the taste palette wider.
baked apples with walnuts honey and cinnamon
This healthy fall dessert recipe is as easy as it can get. I think the hardest part is to take the apples' seeds out, so that the apples would be intact. I have been cooking these apples since the time I remember myself cooking. My Daddy cooks these apples in red wine, but, let's not get too crazy here. I'm on a quest for a healthy, kid-friendly dessert.
apple cinnamon and walnut rolls  cream cheese crispy rolls
This is the simplest recipe for rolls in the world. The dough is very easy to work with and it's very tender, almost melts in your mouth. This is also a very good dough for cookies.
beef cutlets easy
This recipe is very popular in European countries: in Austria it's called schnitzel, in the US it's called a cutlet. We cook cutlets with beef and pork, even with fish and chicken. The main thing the fillet (or loin) has to be thin. It's a great dish for a weekday dinner, 5-10 minutes to cook if the meat is ready to work with (not frozen).
lemon victoria sandwich cake with raspberries strawberries and clotted cream
The last day of September is a double Birthday Day in my family. So I was looking for a cake that would be simple, fast and that wouldn't require a lot of time in the kitchen.
pumpkin creme-soup with shrimp cream cheese and basil.
It's autumn and it means that it's time for a great pumpkin soup with shrimp that I just LOVE cooking. It doesn't require a lot of effort but it comes out perfectly smooth, bringing in the autumn flavors and colors into your kitchen. I tasted this soup long time ago in Europe, brought it into my kitchen and my family just loves it. Hope, you will too.
deviled eggs with shrimp yellow mustard and basil
This recipe is inspired by classic deviled eggs plus a spiced version. It is my combination of delicious deviled eggs that conquered the hearts of my family members.
potato zucchini red bell pepper with bacon and herbs
The potato baked with zucchini (squash), red bell pepper, onion, carrot, garlic and some meat is popular in Eastern Europe. (It is cooked in Poland and Hungary, in Ukraine and Czech Republic) In each region it has different twist though. Even in my family it is cooked differently. I like to experiment. I cook it with meatballs and sometimes with meat (beef, pork or chicken); I cook it even with bacon. The beauty of this recipe that it is impossible to spoil, seriously, if you aren not the perfect cook or if you are just short of time (and guests are about to arrive) this dish will just save you.
rice and crab salad fast and easy!
This salad recipe is good with crab meat or shrimp (or you can use both). Corn adds sweetness to the salad, and the rice works as the base. You can cook it without rice if you wish, but I prefer it with rice, and herbs (dill and parsley, or just dill) are important. I love to cook this salad on a day to day basis or for a dinner party. (Just serve the salad in puff pastry baskets). The ingredients for this salad are simple and may be found in every pantry.
helens chocolate chip cookies
The best part of this recipe is it is very fast, very simple and may be cooked with your eyes closed. Your kids will love these crispy and chewy cookies. You can also make these cookies with oatmeal and they will be fabulous! Just substitute chocolate chips with oatmeal.
fried cauliflower
Cauliflower is very nutritious, easy to work with and Surprise! Surprise! It's delicious. This is a signature recipe of my Mom's, she cooks cauliflower this way very often. When I was a kid and had a special diet, she told me that it tastes just like fried mushrooms (which I loved but wasn't allowed to eat). Since that successful introduction by my Mom I love the cauliflower and especially this one (fried). It's easy to cook and it will make a great appetizer.
easy shredded pie with cherries
This pie was a signature recipe of my Grandmother Maria, today would be her birthday, so I decided to bake this pie for the first time in my life. I ate it hundreds of times, but never thought that this deliciousness is so simple to cook.
deep fried beef steak
In Ukraine we don't have steaks, no seriously! Ukrainians just don't have this dish; we eat braised meat and meatballs. So I had to learn how to cook steak my own way.
coconut dream cake
Coconut lovers rejoice! Just the cake for you that is simple enough to make. You'll find a little slice of heaven in this sweet and moist cake. You can wrap it up for any special occasion.
Top 250 userrecipes found
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