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Tourn#233e Cut
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An oblong-shaped cut for vegetables such as carrots, potatoes or squash that provides a distinctive and consistent appearance to the food item being served. When preparing a Tournée Cut, the vegetable is trimmed to a length of approximately 2 inches. Some prefer to slice off the ends so they are flat, while others may wait until the food is finished being shaped and then the ends are cut off. Cut and shaped with seven evenly spaced sections surrounding the vegetable, a Tournée cut is curved and extends from end to end, resulting in a shape similar to a blunt-ended football.

Also referred to as a Tourne or Tourné cut, this method of shaping vegetables is most commonly used to prepare potatoes in order to enhance the appearance when they are placed on and served for as part of the main meal. Any knife that feels the most comfortable to the person shaping the food is acceptable, such as a paring knife. However, a knife that is often preferred for this cut is a Bird's Beak knife, also referred to as a Tourner knife, which has a curved blade allowing the food item to be carved somewhat faster than with a paring knife.

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