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Canning Jar Bands and Lids
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Bands and lids used to seal foods in canning jars. The set includes a lid that has a rubber seal around the outer edge and a screw on band that is placed over the lid and screwed down to hold the lid in place. The lid is first simmered in water just before they are placed on the jars. Simmering softens the rubber edge on the lid, allowing the lids to seal properly. The lids are placed with the rubber edge on the rim of the jar. The band is place over the lid and screwed onto the jar. The canning process is then finished and once the canned product has cooled and the lids have sealed, the band can be removed. The canning bands can be reused but the lids must be replaced each time. The bands and lids come in two standard sizes, which are regular and wide-mouth.
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