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Re:Slow cooker lasagna
Posted: 06/26/2015 10:23:04 AM
Yes, that should be fine. I have substituted cottage cheese for ricotta in my lasagna several times.
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Re:Home Made Spaghetti Sauce
Posted: 06/19/2015 07:34:13 AM
The ounces convert as follows: 30 oz. = .8871 liters, 12 oz. = .3548 liters, and 15 oz. = .4436 liters. We have a helpful conversion calculator that you can use any time you would like to convert any of our recipe measurements. I have found it very handy many times. Just copy the following address into your browser and it will go directly to the calculator: http://www.recipetips.com/kitchen-tips/t--510/conversion-calculators.asp or if you click on "Charts" in the upper right corner of most any page it will take you to our charts category where you can the select the "Conversion Calculator". I hope you will find this tool helpful in the future.
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Re:tenderized round steak
Posted: 06/01/2015 08:50:50 AM
There are several different ways to tenderize round steak. If you go to the following page you will find the information you need: http://www.recipetips.com/kitchen-tips/t--351/tenderizing-beef.asp. Here you will find the most commonly used methods for tenderizing beef.
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Re:Shrimp Salad
Posted: 05/11/2015 08:41:15 AM
You can use 1 cup of shredded cheese for this recipe and add Miracle Whip according to your own personal taste. Some like their salad a little drier and some like it with more Miracle Whip to make it fairly moist. Add it according to your own preference. The recipe has been edited to clarify the instructions.
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Re:willy wonka recipe question
Posted: 01/20/2015 2:46:58 PM
The margarine, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and graham crackers are all mixed together and pressed into the bottom of the pan. The chocolate chips and margarine are melted together and spread on top as the frosting. If you go to the following address: http://www.recipetips.com/recipe-cards/t--66362/peanut-butter-bars-55.asp, you will see a picture of a bar that is very similar. The ingredient quantities vary a little but it is constructed basically the same. Both recipes sound yummy to me. Hope you enjoy them.
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Re:What size baking pan do you use
Posted: 01/19/2015 08:00:10 AM
If you would like a thinner bar you could use a 15 x 10 x 1 bar pan or if you wanted a bar that was a little thicker you could use a 9 x 13 pan. The two different sizes will require a different amount of baking time so adjust accordingly. Start checking doneness a couple of minutes before suggested cooking time. Bars are done when a toothpick poked near the middle comes out clean.
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Re:Top Loin Beef Roast With a mustard paste recipe
Posted: 01/19/2015 07:49:19 AM
The roast should not need to be turned during the cooking time at 425 degrees. To keep it from getting too done on the bottom I would suggest that when you have finished browning the roast on the stovetop that you place it in the oven with the least browned side down in the roasting pan. Also, make sure you do not have it too close to the bottom heating elements. I imagine it helped with the fat side down but normally I would try to have the fat side up so that the fat drippings would have a chance to soak through the meat as it cooks to add flavor and keep the meat moist. As far as sides to serve, I would suggest a scalloped potato dish, such as our Creamy Scalloped Potatoes, broccoli steamed or boiled to a crisp tender, and a sweet lettuce salad, such as our Spinach and Fruit Lettuce Salad.
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Posted: 01/02/2015 08:44:47 AM
anns, what recipe are you referring to when you are asking about freezing it? Could you give me the full recipe name so that I can find it? I can then try to answer your question about being able to freeze it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Re:Easy Spaghetti and Sauce Recipe
Posted: 12/26/2014 12:48:39 PM
It should be a 46 oz. can of tomato juice. I have edited the recipe so that it indicates the ounces now. Hope you enjoy the recipe.
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Re:Ribeye Roast
Posted: 12/22/2014 09:09:56 AM
I would use the cooking time for the 4 lb. roast and then figure you will have to add a little more time to that. Our cooking time charts show that you should be roasting for approximately 22 minutes a pound. I would start by checking the temperature of the roast after the 4 lb. roast cooking time and if not done, cook for another 15 minutes and check the temperature again. Check the temperature often to be sure the roast does not get over done for your liking. Be sure to take the roast out when it gets to a temperature that is about 10 degrees below your desired temperature. To cook it to rare, we suggest that it should be a finished temperature of 140 degrees, so you would remove it from the oven when its internal temperature reaches a 130 degrees. Then allow the roast to set for 15 minutes before carving. During this time the temperature will rise 5 to 10 degrees. Note: these times are for roasting at 350 degrees F.
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