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Help with unusual Waffle Recipe with Flax & Coconut Flour

Help with unusual Waffle Recipe with Flax & Coconut Flour
Posted: 09/25/2017 10:42:37 AM
My dad makes really great waffles. Unfortunately his recipe is not translating to my Belgian waffle iron well. His recipe as-is came out too dry and dense and a little too nutty in flavor. I thought some baking powder might have helped with the denseness, but didn't have any on hand. I tried adding some milk and sugar. The sugar helped with the flavor, and the milk did soften it - but too much! I finally picked up some baking powder and added a couple teaspoons. It definitely fluffed them up - but then they deflated when I took them off the iron. I eat waffles straight - no syrup, some occasional butter. I refrigerate them and pop them in a toaster to eat them with a little crisp on the outside. So I'm looking for them to have body, but a little fluff. here's the recipe as he gave it to me: 1.5 cups Bisquick 1/4 cup Flaxmeal 1/2 cup Coconut Flour 2 Eggs 2.5 cups Club Soda cinnamon to taste Thank you!
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Re:Help with unusual Waffle Recipe with Flax & Coconut Flour
Posted: 10/24/2017 12:13:54 AM
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